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The Lower East Side Film Festival supports the underdog filmmakers who know that huge budgets do not equal great film. As an LESFF Donor you will be supporting a community of passionate, creative, innovative, filmmakers and helping us create awesome screenings, events, and parties that celebrate their work.  


Adam Norbury and R. Martin Chavez

Harvey Schwartz and Annie Hubbard

Lori Espe

Kerry Murril

Nancy and Alan Brenner

Chris Fraley

Theresa and Brandon Burns

Patricia Walker

Kristin Walker

Scott Newman

Franco De Nigris and German Deza Ruiz

Allison Hunt

Marianne Hunt

Adam Korn and Margaret Gould-Korn

Ezra Nahum and Laure Abihssira

Torsten Schlauersbach

Madeline Burke-Vigeland

Joade Dauer-Cardasis

James Cardasis

Jamie Cardasis

Alex Cardasis

Allison Love

Phillip Ukleja

Tom Widland

Annah Scully